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Our Frequently Asked Questions are divided into categories:

Length Extrusion

The extrusions are manufactured using standard lengths based on 1200mm. 3600mm is the maximum standard single length that we can provide. Lengths over 3.6m are achieved by utilising joiners.

Do you offer non standard lengths?
Yes, we can prepare non standard lengths for you (based on the maximum extrusion length of 3600mm). Please contact us or your Blade representative for design details, delivery time and prices.
Do you provide non standard or special configurations?
Yes, we can provide special Blade configurations according to your design needs. Please contact us or your Blade representative for design details, delivery time and prices.
What types of lamps are provided with your systems as standard?
The profiles have been designed to utilise T5 fluorescent lamps, MR 16 and MR 11 halogen lamps. Other lamp options are available on request.


Material Quality

The Blade systems are manufactured from high quality aluminium extrusions. They are finished either with anodising or powder coated colours.

Gear trays are galvanised metal sheets. Slots, holes and every section along the length of the gear tray is computer cut for precise dimensions and easy installation.


Do you offer other colours apart from the standard colours?
Yes we do. Non standard colours can be ordered by request. Please contact us or your Blade representative.


Electrical Components

What type of ballast is provided by your system?
All Blade systems are provided with electronic ballasts according to the energy savings regulations.
Do you meet standards?
All Blade electrical components are supplied from recognised international brands that meet the New Zealand-Australian standards.
Special care in the selection of ballast and transformers is taken to meet the standards and norms for noise, harmonics and radio interference.
All Blade Lighting Systems are factory tested.
Where is the cable entry located?
The main power cable entry varies between Blade types, please refer to a particular extrusion chapter to ascertain the exact cable entry position.
If you need the main power cable in a non standard position, please let us know by attaching distances details. A drawing is essential for accuracy.



Assembling the Blade system is very easy. Due to its modular concept the number of accessories used to assemble the system is reduced to three main accessories: joiners, end caps and suspensions.

How many suspensions are needed per extrusion?
The number of suspensions needed will depend on the length of extrusions. A recommendation for standard versions are:
1200mm length 2 suspensions
1500mm length 2 suspensions
2400mm length 2 suspensions
3000mm length 3 suspensions
3600mm length 3 suspensions
For non standard lengths, a distribution every 1800mm is recommended.