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New Developments

Lighting Council of New Zealand

As a supplier of energy efficient lighting solutions Blade Lighting understands the significance of LED technology and the benefits that come with it. Blade Lighting has been a success story for more than 15 years and has been installed in architectural, commercial and residential applications all over New Zealand. So it was only logical to take the most successful Blade profiles to the next level by implementing a key technology upgrade to LED technology. Better yet, Blade keeps its flexibility and customers have the choice between T5 and LED technology for the same price making LED affordable for any application.

With the LED upgrade for ease of identification we have also upgraded the Blade profile names:

  • Edge Blade Blade 150 LED
  • Slot Blade Blade 90 LED
  • Micro Blade Blade 50 LED
  • Slice Blade Blade 190 DI LED

For more information and enquiries on the Blade LED profiles please contact us.